The Home Altar Starter Kit

Make a Sacred Prayer Space right in your home!

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Create a home altar as a place to talk to God

Home Altars bring the essence of prayer into your home in a special way. They give you the sense that God is present right there, in your home, and you have but to reach out and touch him.

There are many ways to set up a home altar, but we have put together some of our very favorite items that will make it easy and fun for you to start your own home altar!

Especially in these times, when we have been called to remain home and not attend mass, we need a place where we can go meet with God right in our own homes. A place that God can speak to us and tell us to “Be not afraid, I am with you” 

The Home Altar Box includes everything you need to evangelize in the home!

Tee Peeps

The Perfect Kit to Start your Home Altar!

This box contains everything you need to set up your own home altar!  You can add anything you want to it to make it personal for you!


New Altar Pieces to Come!

Every few months we will  be creating new kits that will contain items for the liturgical seasons so you can expand your Home Altar!


Called to a greater purpose

Even in these dark times, God is calling us to be closer to Him than ever.  Since we can't see him in the mass for a while, lets bring the Church Home to us!

Home Altar Starter Kit
Home Altar Starter Kit

Home Altar Starter Kit


The Home Altar Box helps you create a sacred space in your home and gives your home a special place to meet with God each day!  This starter kit gives you all the basics, and you can feel free to add anything you want to make your alter as personal as you like! 

Kit includes High Quality:
10" Ceramic Crucifix, 9 inch Ceramic Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart Statues, Intention Cards, 4 Holy Cards, Wood/Chain Rosary and Wood Case, Holy Water Bottle, 2020 Sunday Missal

(Retail Value: $99)

Pre-order note: These boxes are "Made to order". We will be shipping orders for these weekly every Friday.  Thank you for your patience as we create these Kits for you!